Leaving Home For Love

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In July of 2008, Mom and Dad had just finished building a new house. It was going to be their last move. Dad had already retired and Mom was just a few years away. The new house was just outside of town with plenty of land for dad to justify buying a tractor. At the time, Jill and I lived … Read More

The “Aha Moment” of Marriage

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Marriage is like a globe. The globe is real. You can touch it, spin it, study it, and learn from it. However, the globe is not the end of the conversation. Do you remember the first time someone explained to you that the globe was just a small symbol of something greater? We call it an “Aha Moment.” The globe … Read More

A Better Inheritance

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It was our typical Sunday routine. My son Bryce and I walked out of our local church’s facility onto the parking lot. We were headed to our usual Sunday lunch spot (we are creatures of habbit). Climbing into the car, before I could even ask what he had learned in Sunday School, Bryce asked, “Hey dad, you know about Jacob … Read More


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What will heaven be like? Randy Alcorn presents a thoroughly biblical answer, based on years of careful study, presented in an engaging, reader-friendly style. His conclusions will surprise readers and stretch their thinking about this important subject. Heaven will inspire readers to long for heaven while they’re living on earth. My experience with the book, Heaven, was timely.  I took the … Read More

What Time Is It?

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My son still hasn’t grasped the concept of “rounding up.” When he asks what time it is, I might say, “1:15,” to which he replies, then “why does the clock say 1:13?” Of course, my wise reply is always, “If you can see the clock, why did you ask me what time it is?” Time is a strange thing. By … Read More

The Moment I Wish Could Last Forever

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If I could go back in time and make one moment last forever, it would be the evening of August 30, 1998. I was spending the weekend in Lufkin, Texas with two of my best friends, Keri and Brandon. They were helping me pursue the girl of my dreams –Jill Jarvis. My friend Keri was from Lufkin. After eating at … Read More

Moonwalking in Heaven

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I often wonder what it will be like when my son finally meets his mommy. Bryce was three months old when Jill died. Therefore, everything he knows about his mom is a result of the stories and pictures that I, along with my friends and family, share with him. In a sense, he has a second-hand knowledge of his mother. … Read More

Which Team Is God On?

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How many times have you caught yourself praying when your favorite team is down by two and has the ball with three seconds left? Maybe it’s just me, but I doubt it. When we get caught up in the excitement of the moment, we tend to forget that God has children who are fans of the other team as well! … Read More

Loving Contrasts

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I recently saw a picture of a soldier returning from duty overseas. In the picture, the strong, tough, muscle-bound soldier is kneeling down to hug his young daughter. I was mesmerized by the contrast. One moment, the man was engaged in battle. The next moment, he was enjoying a tender moment with a child. Why is it that these types … Read More

The Future of Change

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Change is hard –everyone knows that. So, will things ever cease to change? Perhaps we tend to think change will cease when this life is over and we arrive in our Heavenly home. Is this true? Changes in Heaven Today Let’s start with what is happening in Heaven right now. Jesus told his apostles that He was going “to prepare … Read More