Does God Hate?

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Does God Hate? This topic probably didn’t get a lot of airplay from your childhood Sunday school teacher –and understandably so. Generally speaking, it is wrong to hate. The issue of God’s hatred is not just a theological riddle. The way we answer this question cuts to the heart of our understanding of God and the gospel. The simple answer … Read More

Tension in the Church

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What is your goal for unbelievers who visit your church? Do you have one? Hopefully your church has thought about this issue and communicated clear intentions regarding visiting unbelievers. In I Corinthians 14, the apostle Paul addressed the need to think strategically about how your church ministers to believers vs. “unbelievers” and “outsiders” (I Cor. 14:16, 22). If a church … Read More

Are We Teaching Two Gods?

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Christians around the world affirm the fact that there is one God and He never changes. Seems pretty straight-forward and basic doesn’t it? He is God, He doesn’t change. However, when Christians use phrases like, “In the Old Testament, God is full of wrath, and in the New Testament, He is full of grace,” we betray this truth. Did God … Read More

Loving Contrasts

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I recently saw a picture of a soldier returning from duty overseas. In the picture, the strong, tough, muscle-bound soldier is kneeling down to hug his young daughter. I was mesmerized by the contrast. One moment, the man was engaged in battle. The next moment, he was enjoying a tender moment with a child. Why is it that these types … Read More