Change is hard –everyone knows that.

So, will things ever cease to change?

Perhaps we tend to think change will cease when this life is over and we arrive in our Heavenly home. Is this true?

Changes in Heaven Today

Let’s start with what is happening in Heaven right now. Jesus told his apostles that He was going “to prepare a place” for them (John 14:2). That sounds like some sort of celestial renovation project taking place. So, at present, it seems as though Heaven is experiencing change.

The Future of Heaven

What about in the future when Jesus gathers all of His people to be with Him in Heaven (sometimes referred to as “the day of the Lord”)?  At that time, we will enter a “new Heaven” (Revelation 21:1). It sounds like the remodeling project will be finished at that time. But does that mean the end of change? Perhaps it does (or not) for our heavenly dwelling, but not for our heavenly experience!

Our Ever-Changing Heavenly Experience

Consider what Paul prays for the Ephesians in Ephesians 1:18. He proclaims his desire for God to open the eyes of the Ephesians hearts so that they might see “the immeasurable greatness of his power toward us who believe.”

I assume Paul was praying for the people to see the “immeasurable greatness” during their time on earth. However, the word, “immeasurable” implies something eternal. In other words, we will be discovering new facets of Christ’s power for all of eternity. The phrase, “you learn something new every day,” will still be true! Jonathan Edwards once stated, “…the saints will be progressive in knowledge to all eternity.”

Does that imply that our heavenly, glorified state will be incomplete? No, instead, it points out 1) That Christ’s greatness is eternally inexhaustible, and 2) That our “completion” in Christ involves never-ending change in our knowledge of him!

Changing Knowledge of the Never-Changing God

You see, God never changes. But our knowledge of Him will be forever changing.  Our God is so majestic that we can spend eternity marveling at His greatness and never run out of delightful, awe-inspiring, discoveries!

Don’t worry, however, if you find “change” difficult and dreadful. This kind of change will be refreshing and joyful –like watching a child learn his first words or take his first steps.

So what do you think? Have you “changed” your views on “change?”