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We naturally understand that being first has value. Have you ever argued over a toy and said, “I had it first?” Or have you seen two people fight over a place in line by saying, “I was here first?” First implies we have rights that those who come after us do not have. When it comes to being first, nobody … Read More

Nine Years

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This morning on the way to school, my son Bryce said, “In nine years I can drive myself to school.” I almost rear-ended the car in front of me. Could that be true, I wondered? It sure didn’t seem right, but after a quick calculation I determined his math was accurate. Then it occurred to me, “nine years” seems totally … Read More

What Time Is It?

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My son still hasn’t grasped the concept of “rounding up.” When he asks what time it is, I might say, “1:15,” to which he replies, then “why does the clock say 1:13?” Of course, my wise reply is always, “If you can see the clock, why did you ask me what time it is?” Time is a strange thing. By … Read More

My Racing Helmet

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When I was eight, my favorite activity was riding my red bicycle. Once, during summer break from school, several of my neighborhood friends came over to my house to see if I wanted to race our bikes around the block. Of course, I said, “yes.” Back then; nobody wore bicycle helmets –except for me. I didn’t wear a helmet for … Read More