How to Avoid the Worst Parenting Regret

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Everyone has roles and responsibilities in life. Yet, they aren’t all created equal. Consider the proverbial man on his deathbed who laments spending too much time in the office and not enough time with his family. The moral of the story is not to quit your job and stay home. God created work as a responsibility in which, by faith, … Read More

Nine Years

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This morning on the way to school, my son Bryce said, “In nine years I can drive myself to school.” I almost rear-ended the car in front of me. Could that be true, I wondered? It sure didn’t seem right, but after a quick calculation I determined his math was accurate. Then it occurred to me, “nine years” seems totally … Read More

When Reading the Bible Isn’t “Safe”

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It is exciting to watch my son learn to read. From road signs to menus, magazine ads to library books, Bryce loves to “sound it out” and declare his new knowledge to everyone (mispronunciations and all) However, his learning progress is really keeping me on my toes. In the past, ordering at a restaurant was easy. I simply narrowed down … Read More

Slippery Rocks

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It was a turning point for my son. Up until that day, he had been nervous about jumping in and getting his head under water. Yet, for some reason, things just clicked that afternoon. We were swimming in a river (of all things) with a group of friends. Several kids found a big rock to jump off of and were … Read More

6 Tips for Probing Your Child’s Heart

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My Brother in law and his wife recently gave my son, Bryce, a pair of cowboy boots. As he was trying them on for the first time, my mom tried to feel his toe to ensure a good fit. The leather at the toe of the boot was too tough, however, and mom couldn’t feel of Bryce’s toe. So, she … Read More

Professions and Power Rangers

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I heard a scuffle so I headed to the back yard. There I found my son and his friend arguing over a toy. As soon as I passed through the door, Bryce said, “I told him it belonged to me.” I knew that sounded suspicious, so I asked Bryce’s friend what happened. He explained that Bryce had given him a … Read More

My Fruit Snack Failure

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Epic fail. That’s what it felt like. My son, Bryce came home from Kindergarten and announced, “Dad, you forgot to put a snack in my back pack today.” I admit I’m prone to overthink certain things. But all I could see in my mind’s eye was my son sitting alone at snack time with nothing to eat while all of … Read More

Are You Causing Your Child To Fall?

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“Who is greatest in the kingdom of heaven?” (Matthew 18:1). Can you imagine the shock on the disciples faces when Jesus told them that “whoever humbles himself like this child—this one is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven” (Matthew 18:4)? I imagine the disciples were expecting Jesus to point out someone like Moses, or Elijah (after all, this occurred … Read More

You Don’t Have to Sneak Up On God

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The faint sound of little footsteps is followed by a pause, and then the slow opening of the door. It happens the same way every morning. I begin reading my Bible each day in the corner chair of my home office while my son is still in bed. But, without fail, before I finish reading and praying, he rises out … Read More

Snow Day Reflections

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It was a snow day. School was out and the office was closed. Bryce and his buddy from down the street were busy playing in his room. I was just settling into the second chapter of a good book when I heard whispering. “Don’t tell my dad what we did.” Classic six-year-old mistake, right? First, a lack of auditory volume … Read More