Quit “Trumping” Your Church

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The President recently announced policy changes via Twitter. I’m not sure that’s a wise move. My concern has nothing to do with the policy change itself. Rather, the method of communication is what seems lacking. His announcement caught the Pentagon off-guard. Respected generals were left to answer reporters’ questions without the luxury of preparing a statement. The President’s intent may … Read More

Consider a Coach for Your Church

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For two years my son played tee-ball. This year, he graduated to pitching machine league. The transition was not easy. To help Bryce make the adjustment, I took him to the batting cages where he could practice with a pitching machine. I bought some tokens to place in the machine, and Bryce stepped into the batter’s box. He swung and … Read More

Why Evaluating Your Church is Biblical

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As a pastor, I hated the idea of evaluation. It sounded too much like a way to open myself up to needless criticism. After all, who really wants to invite an outsider to tell them what they are doing wrong, add more “to do’s” to their list, or make them feel guilty for what they are not doing? Pastoring is … Read More

What “We’ve always done it that way” really means.

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“We’ve always done it that way.” There is a certain stereotype in the minds of pastors and church leaders when they hear that phrase. The stereotype I am referring to is of an out-of-touch, die-hard, traditional, older member who can’t see the ridiculous nature of basing decisions mindlessly upon patterns of behavior in the past. Well, if that’s the case, … Read More

Your Church is Worth More Than a Few Pennies

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Who invented the “need-a-penny-take-a-penny-got-a-penny-leave-a-penny” cup? I’m not sure the world will ever know. But thanks to him or her, we all live with a little less fear of being a few cents short of correct change at the convenience store or accidentally pumping an $10.02 worth of gas instead of $10 even. I’ve often wondered how much money is held … Read More

The Future of Change

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Change is hard –everyone knows that. So, will things ever cease to change? Perhaps we tend to think change will cease when this life is over and we arrive in our Heavenly home. Is this true? Changes in Heaven Today Let’s start with what is happening in Heaven right now. Jesus told his apostles that He was going “to prepare … Read More