Leaving Home For Love

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In July of 2008, Mom and Dad had just finished building a new house. It was going to be their last move. Dad had already retired and Mom was just a few years away. The new house was just outside of town with plenty of land for dad to justify buying a tractor. At the time, Jill and I lived … Read More

No More Cheap Dates

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I started “real dating” in High School. By “real dating” I mean actually driving to the girl’s house, picking her up, paying for dinner and taking her home (usually by curfew). “Real dating” was far beyond the Jr. High “I’ll-meet-you-at-the-movie-with-all-our-friends-when-my-parents-drop-me-off” dating. I remember my first “real date.” I don’t mind telling you that I had to beg the girl to … Read More