Throw Logic Out?

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Everyone seems to be outraged by gas prices these days. Most of us are paying over $3 per gallon. That equates to approximately 2 ½ cents per ounce for the final product. Of course, reflected in that price is the cost of pumping oil out of the ground, transporting it to a refinery (where it goes through a long process … Read More

A Lunch to Laugh About Forever

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On December 20, 1999, I was eating lunch in College Station, TX with my soon-to-be bride. In the middle of a delicious meal, Jill received a phone call from her mother. Jill was very animated during their conversation. Whatever her mother said to her really made her happy. I couldn’t wait until she said, “goodbye,” to find out what was … Read More

Who Should Choose the Wedding Dress?

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Jill went through great lengths to keep her dress a secret until our wedding day. I even remember how much care she took to make sure I didn’t catch a peak of her bridal portrait shoot. Apparently, things are changing. According to a recent survey, 19% (almost 1/5) of grooms say they are either solely or mostly responsible for selecting … Read More

Lace Up Your Church’s Shoes!

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Bryce has grown out of the Velcro shoe stage. I don’t mean that he’s “too cool” for Velcro –I mean, they literally don’t make many Velcro options in his size anymore! Last Spring I bought him a pair of “lace up” sneakers. So, over the past few months I have been tying his shoes for him –every time thinking, “one … Read More

Long Song

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Have you ever caught yourself singing a song during a corporate worship service only to realize you have no idea what you are singing? I think we’ve all found ourselves “going through the motions” from time to time feeling as if we are in an everlasting musical trance. So can you imagine being a part of the St. Burchardi Church … Read More

No Need to Recalculate

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“Recalculating.” I bet you’ve heard that phrase before. Personally, I feel like my GPS is scolding me when I hear the word, “Recalculating.” It’s as if the little device is implying, “Can’t you just turn when I say’ turn?’” Occasionally, I have caught myself talking to the GPS out loud saying something like, “Be quiet, I know a better way. … Read More

Who Is Responsible For The Pastor’s Joy?

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He’s not a soldier, but he fights for truth; He’s not a police officer, but he watches out for me; He’s not a university professor, but he teaches me; He’s not a social worker, but he is always available to listen to me; He’s not a professional consultant, but he provides guidance for me; He’s not a relative, but he … Read More

Hypocrite Dad

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I knew something was wrong when we were getting in the car Sunday morning and Bryce said, “I know, I know, we’re in a hurry –we’re always in a hurry.” His comment caused me to pause. Is that the message I’m always sending him? Is that how he sees me –as a frantic, impatient timekeeper? Is that the extent of … Read More

Three Plans Every Church Needs

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God has blessed my church with plenty of talented members of the medical community. If a medical emergency were to take place, it is reassuring to know how quickly and efficiently our members could work to resolve the issue. But what if our church didn’t have people with medical expertise? Or what if there had been a different kind of emergency? … Read More

Wake Up

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Sometimes my son has difficulty waking up. I’m not talking about being a “sleepy head” and not wanting to get out of bed. I’m talking about pulling back the covers, stepping on the floor, walking in the kitchen, sitting in front of his breakfast and still being asleep. I guess its technically sleepwalking. But basically, he has the strange ability … Read More