Come Clean

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From my reading chair, I could hear the sound of my son, Bryce, running his bath water. After reading a few pages of a book, I realized that I could no longer hear any water running. For that matter, I couldn’t hear anything. It was strangely quiet –too quiet. I waited another minute or two and then I heard another … Read More

When Reading the Bible Isn’t “Safe”

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It is exciting to watch my son learn to read. From road signs to menus, magazine ads to library books, Bryce loves to “sound it out” and declare his new knowledge to everyone (mispronunciations and all) However, his learning progress is really keeping me on my toes. In the past, ordering at a restaurant was easy. I simply narrowed down … Read More

Hypocrite Dad

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I knew something was wrong when we were getting in the car Sunday morning and Bryce said, “I know, I know, we’re in a hurry –we’re always in a hurry.” His comment caused me to pause. Is that the message I’m always sending him? Is that how he sees me –as a frantic, impatient timekeeper? Is that the extent of … Read More