Pastors -Just Say, “I Don’t Know”

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The moment one becomes a pastor, something strange happens: people suddenly think you know everything about the Bible! Twenty-four hours ago, you were like everyone else –learning the Bible a little at a time. But once you become, “Reverend” or “Brother,” the expectations skyrocket. Let’s be honest, nothing really changes overnight for new pastors. They are still the same people … Read More

3 Great Reasons to Be a Small Church

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I’m not a fan of judging a church by its attendance. For that reason, I must confess my double standard. During my time as a pastor, I paid attention to the size of the Sunday crowd. I guess its just human nature to think bigger is better. On several occasions, however, I was happy with a smaller attendance. For instance, … Read More

Overcoming Teeter-Totter Temptation

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Teeter-totter: Perhaps the greatest name for piece of playground equipment. The name itself paints a picture, doesn’t it? I recently took my son to a park where he became fascinated with a teeter-totter. After a few minutes of “teetering” (or is it tottering?) with him, I had to take a break. As I sat down on a park bench, he … Read More

Are Puppies More Advanced Than Humans?

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Most of us would agree that humans are more advanced than animals. As believers, in fact, we would agree that God made humans as the pinnacle of creation (Genesis 1:26-27). So it has always seemed strange to me that a baby animal is able to survive elements and conditions of which we would never dream of placing a baby human. … Read More

What is the Best Size for Your Church?

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How tall are you? I’m six feet and ½ inch. Some of my life-long friends are taller and some are shorter. Yet, all of us have quit growing (at least in height). We all understand that height has nothing to do with maturity or competency. My doctor probably isn’t going to say, “you’re just three inches shy of greatness.” Instead, … Read More

Want to Fix Your Want to?

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Pardon me for making this assumption about you, but I’m fairly certain you have something you regularly daydream about or look forward to. I’m talking about that one thing that you delight in. Depending upon your personality and preferences, it could be anything –college football, naps, shopping, spending time with friends, reading, chocolate, hiking, early morning coffee, exercise, or listening … Read More

Eager For Mail?

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My son loves to check for mail. Every day when we come home, Bryce hops out of the car and runs to the mailbox. I always smile as he stands at the curb checking every envelope to see if something has his name on it. When I ask him why he likes to get the mail, he says, “I don’t … Read More

Pancreas Problems

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I have diabetes –and it stinks. In case you don’t know, diabetes is a disease that causes the pancreas to quit making insulin. Insulin is vital for processing sugar into energy. Without insulin, blood sugar levels cannot be regulated. Since I’m not a physician, I won’t pretend to explain the chain reaction that follows. Just know that without medical intervention, … Read More

The Blessed File Cabinet

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The most powerful folder in my file cabinet is not the one that contains information about my bank account or tax records. Nor is it the folder containing a copy of my son’s birth certificate. It’s not even the folder containing my will. No, the most powerful folder in my file cabinet contains a loose collection of letters, notes, and … Read More

The 16oz Church (Small Can Be Big!)

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Remember the Pepsi Challenge? It was a marketing campaign in the 80’s where people would be offered two unmarked cups. One contained Coke and the other contained Pepsi. After taking a sip of both, the participants would be asked to reveal which one they liked the best. Apparently more people picked Pepsi. At least, that’s what their ads led us … Read More