The First Gospel Message

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It didn’t take long for sin to enter the world. Genesis chapter 3 records the event as Satan tempts Eve to eat of the forbidden fruit. After the first couple eats the fruit and falls into sin, they immediately go into hiding. Imagine that, hiding from the God who created them and all the places in which they attempted to … Read More

Why Gay Bashing Betrays Christ

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I have quite a few friends who are gay. Often, as I scroll through social media, I will stop to read something one of them has posted. I cringe when they re-post and comment on a Christian article condemning homosexuality. My frustration is not over declaring homosexuality is a sin. That is a biblical statement upon which the church must not … Read More

Be Careful How You Console

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I experienced the greatest pain of my life in the loss of my wife. I have mourned and I have grieved. At times, I continue to mourn and grieve. Loss is not something you “get over.” Instead, you must learn to live with it. Of course, the most intense time of struggle occurs in the weeks and months immediately after the … Read More

Feeling Stuck on Earth?

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Have you ever wondered why God leaves us on this earth after we are justified by faith in Jesus? With all of the pain and suffering this world brings, at times it seems that an immediate rapture into Heaven would be the most loving thing God could provide. So why does God leave us here? I’m sure there are a … Read More

Your Life Is About To Change

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It seemed like I was living “the dream” for three months. From January through April of 2006, I was constantly hungry. I ate everything in sight –pizza, steak, ice cream, candy bars- you name it. Every night, I would wake up 5-6 times and raid the refrigerator. On one occasion I ate an entire chocolate cake in one night! The … Read More

Road Trip: Hope & El Dorado, Arkansas

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A road trip to LA. “Lower Arkansas,” that is! God is doing marvelous things at Garrett Memorial Baptist Church in Hope, AR. Pastor Clif Johnson is a wonderful leader with a shepherd’s heart. I had the opportunity to visit Sunday Morning, January 26 and was encouraged by their emphasis on missions -both local and foreign. In their lobby, you can’t … Read More

The Power of “Finished”

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I have always enjoyed mowing yards. It is satisfying to walk around a fresh-cut lawn after the sidewalk has been swept and enjoy a job well done. But I never understood why until my dad made a comment to me one hot summer day. I was in Jr. High and mowing neighborhood yards was my job. Dad had just come … Read More

Eager For Mail?

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My son loves to check for mail. Every day when we come home, Bryce hops out of the car and runs to the mailbox. I always smile as he stands at the curb checking every envelope to see if something has his name on it. When I ask him why he likes to get the mail, he says, “I don’t … Read More

No Need to Recalculate

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“Recalculating.” I bet you’ve heard that phrase before. Personally, I feel like my GPS is scolding me when I hear the word, “Recalculating.” It’s as if the little device is implying, “Can’t you just turn when I say’ turn?’” Occasionally, I have caught myself talking to the GPS out loud saying something like, “Be quiet, I know a better way. … Read More