How to Make an Effective Announcement

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The morning worship service was broadcast live each week on the local radio station. So, the pastor knew he had to wrap everything up by noon. At the close of the sermon, he glanced at his watch to see that he had only one minute left, so he quickly transitioned to announcements. Imagine driving in your car and tuning in … Read More

One Story to Get Stuck In Your Brain

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A friend texts you a strange picture of a piece of rusted iron fashioned into the shape of the number “1.” As you try to figure out the significance of the picture, another text arrives from the same friend. It is the same image; only this time the picture shows a wider angle. The iron “1” is actually a dagger … Read More

Just Stop

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“Just Stop!” Maybe you’ve heard this phrase (or a variation of it) uttered from the mouth of a parent. Perhaps it has tread across your own lips. Its funny how words like these can take on different meanings based upon the context in which they are spoken and the tone with which they are exclaimed. For instance, “Just stop,” could … Read More

Say It Now

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My uncle Chuck was an amazing man. I remember as a young boy being mesmerized by his motorcycle and yo-yo tricks. I attended my uncle’s funeral Saturday.  Uncle Chuck had suffered from cancer for several years and finally his body was set free. In the midst of the grieving there was a fresh relief known only to the family of … Read More

SOAR 2013 Last Thoughts

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Wow, what a great week at SOAR 2013. It was amazing to watch 2500 students study Christ’s call to discipleship. As I think back on the week, a few last-minute thoughts go through my mind. So, here’s what I would want to leave with everyone who attended: 1) Discipleship is happening more than we realize. Because Christ is the Chief … Read More

Three Chairs

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I’m enjoying the SOAR 2013 student conference this week in Dallas, TX. This year’s theme is “Three Chairs” and it revolves around discipleship. The idea is really simple: you sit in the middle chair. This means that there is always someone on both sides of you -one that is pouring into you and one that you are pouring into. Its … Read More

Sermon Decoder

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Here’s a quick attempt to pull the curtain back on the mystery of preaching. Hope you laugh a little. There are a few phrases that seem to emerge in everyone’s sermons from time to time. In case you were wondering what those phrases REALLY mean, here’s a reference guide: Nelle levitra 68 viagra soft mg senza ricetta dimenticare. Sessuale causate … Read More

“Do No Harm” to the Boston Bomber

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Yesterday’s newspaper reported that one of the Boston Marathon bombers was alive and in custody at a local hospital. More specifically, the bomber is being treated at the same hospital as eleven victims of the bombing. That’s quite a powerful picture, isn’t it? Certainly the thought of a terrorist being treated alongside his victims provokes a myriad of emotional responses. … Read More

A Kingdom Beyond California

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Today’s newspaper announced the passing of Annette Funicello, who was best known for her role as one of the original Disney Mouseketeers. Certainly we offer our condolences to her family. After her time as a Mousketeer, Funicello went on to make numerous beach movies with Franki Avalon. Funicello’s brand in the film and television industry was simply “forever young.” Disney … Read More

“Already-But Not Yet” Will End

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The resurrection celebration at my Church yesterday left me with mixed emotions. I was overwhelmed by Christ’s victory over death. At the same time, I my thoughts were drawn to my wife, Jill. Jill passed away four years ago. While I feel the agony of losing the love of my life, she experiences the triumph of the resurrection. Of course … Read More