Defining Discipleship

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I once heard a man say, “The moment you define discipleship, you lose it.” I get what he is saying. Discipleship can’t be placed in a formula or a “one-size-fits-all” solution anymore than a concept like parenting can be. So, my goal is not to describe a step-by-step process of discipleship or to describe a “guaranteed method” of discipleship. Instead, … Read More

Lace Up Your Church’s Shoes!

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Bryce has grown out of the Velcro shoe stage. I don’t mean that he’s “too cool” for Velcro –I mean, they literally don’t make many Velcro options in his size anymore! Last Spring I bought him a pair of “lace up” sneakers. So, over the past few months I have been tying his shoes for him –every time thinking, “one … Read More