Recruiting Strategy: The Church’s Approach to Seekers

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This is the final post regarding seekers. Previous posts have explored God’s mission in seeking sinners and the church’s role in evangelism. This final post discusses the approach a church takes toward evangelizing the lost. How we evangelize is just as important as who we evangelize and why we evangelize.    How Should the Church Perform its Role of Evangelization? No … Read More

Players Belong on the Field

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When he began playing tee-ball, the coaches stood on the field with the players, helping them learn the game. Now that he is eight, his coaches are required to stay off of the field during play. The closest the coaches can get to the action is standing in the coach’s boxes on the first base and third base lines. Earlier … Read More

Tackling in the Blink of an Eye

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Seventh grade football: I played tailback and linebacker. On defense, the number one rule my coach stressed was, “Don’t close your eyes when you tackle.” Good advice. A week or two before the season started, we had a scrimmage. All the parents came out to watch. Even the local paper was there. During the game, as I was making a tackle, the … Read More

How, Then, Should We Speak to Our Gay Friends Now?

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The Supreme Court of the United States has ruled on same-sex marriage. In the days following, many Christians have written various responses. Many are filled with good information regarding the biblical definition of marriage as between one man and one woman. Other responses have focused on the future implications of the SCOTUS ruling on US churches. Some have aired angry … Read More

Are Missionaries Unbalanced?

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I recently came across this article by T. Norton Sterrett. It made an impact on me and I wanted to share: Are missionaries unbalanced? Of course, they are. I am one; I ought to know. A missionary probably began as an ordinary person. He dressed like other people, and liked to play tennis and listen to good music. But even … Read More

Consider a Coach for Your Church

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For two years my son played tee-ball. This year, he graduated to pitching machine league. The transition was not easy. To help Bryce make the adjustment, I took him to the batting cages where he could practice with a pitching machine. I bought some tokens to place in the machine, and Bryce stepped into the batter’s box. He swung and … Read More

Hidden and Revealed

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The words were projected on a video screen, but that didn’t help. I was trying to sing along, but my brain was having trouble pronouncing the Spanish words and staying on tune at the same time. I was visiting a Spanish congregation and loving every minute of it. Multi-ethnic worship always makes me think I am experiencing a taste of … Read More

He, Me, and We

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Remember the blind man that Jesus healed by spitting on the ground and rubbing mud on his eyes? The story begins with the apostles asking who had sinned, his mother or father, that he would be born blind. It’s a peculiar story found in John chapter 9. As I was reading it today, I noticed something else peculiar. When Jesus … Read More

Loving My Roots

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I have friends from many different evangelical denominations. We love, support, and encourage one another in kingdom work. My roots happen to be planted in the Baptist Missionary Association of America (BMA). While there is plenty to say about the dangers of denominational pride and competition, there is also plenty to say about appreciating and loving the place God has … Read More

Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs

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The Pharisees and Sadducees once asked Jesus to show them a sign from heaven. I’m not sure what they were expecting –maybe the ancient equivalent of fireworks or a laser-light show. Either way, Jesus didn’t grant their request. Instead, He criticized them for missing the signs that were all around them: Namely, the sign of the Messiah. For centuries, God … Read More