The words were projected on a video screen, but that didn’t help. I was trying to sing along, but my brain was having trouble pronouncing the Spanish words and staying on tune at the same time.

I was visiting a Spanish congregation and loving every minute of it. Multi-ethnic worship always makes me think I am experiencing a taste of heaven –even if I don’t understand the words.

Every once and a while, however, I saw a word or phrase I recognized. Sometimes I could piece together the message of the song. It was like a code was being unlocked before my eyes.

It reminds me of Jesus’ words to Peter in Matthew 16:17: “For flesh and blood has not revealed this to you, but my Father who is in heaven.”

Jesus made it clear to Peter that the unlocking of His mind was performed by the work of God –not His own wisdom.

This illumination of the Spirit has nothing to do with language translation. Jesus was pointing out that just because someone intellectually understands the words of Scripture, it doesn’t mean they have Spiritually received the message. In this way, the power of the Gospel cannot be stolen, manipulated or marketed. Sure, people have tried. They distort scripture, sell an experience, or con follower with the words of Scripture. But they can never steal the power of the Holy Spirit illuminating the Word of God in a human heart.