Sweet Tea and the Spirit

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I have several friends who order their drinks without ice. Whenever they order at a restaurant, the server always does a double take. “Sweet tea with no ice?” But my friends have a practical reason for their anti-ice stance. They want the maximum amount of tea possible in their glass. I guess, from that perspective, when the server pours a … Read More

Breathing in Outer Space

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Imagine stepping out into outer-space for a spacewalk. As you take your first steps out of the international space station into the infinite realm of space, something terrible happens. You feel sick. Your hearing and speaking abilities suddenly vanish. Trapped in a spacesuit, you feel disoriented and can only think of one thing: get back to the space station -fast. … Read More

You Can Enjoy Life and Peace Now

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I have a problem. Although I am born-again -breathing the new life of the Spirit- I still struggle with temptation to live in the flesh. I imagine you can identify with this problem as well. It’s just a part of the Christian life on earth. Paul addresses the issue in Romans 8:5-6 when he says, “For those who live according … Read More

Hidden and Revealed

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The words were projected on a video screen, but that didn’t help. I was trying to sing along, but my brain was having trouble pronouncing the Spanish words and staying on tune at the same time. I was visiting a Spanish congregation and loving every minute of it. Multi-ethnic worship always makes me think I am experiencing a taste of … Read More

Every ’78 Pontiac

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In Neuroscience, the Reticular Activating System refers to a set of connected nuclei in the brain that monitors and filters information being taken in by the senses.[1] When the brain becomes familiar with certain stimuli or patterns of stimuli, the Reticular Activation System becomes more sensitive to that information. It is what allows a person to pick up on an … Read More

Who Is Responsible For Revival?

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Growing up, I remember the announcement every year in church: “Ladies, please sign up to bring food for next week’s revival services.” I loved that announcement. Why? Several reasons: Home-made fried chicken, sour dough bread, mashed potatoes, and CHOCOLATE PIE!!! Revival: The very word has different meanings for different people. For some, it means week-long meetings in the Fall and … Read More