Don’t Discount Students

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Today begins the 27th annual SOAR student conference. I attended the first SOAR conference as a seventh grader who was more interested in girls than God’s Word. During one of the sessions, the conference’s founder, Bobby Tucker, shared the story of a girl who had begun a Bible club at her school. For some reason, the idea intrigued me. That … Read More

Loving My Roots

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I have friends from many different evangelical denominations. We love, support, and encourage one another in kingdom work. My roots happen to be planted in the Baptist Missionary Association of America (BMA). While there is plenty to say about the dangers of denominational pride and competition, there is also plenty to say about appreciating and loving the place God has … Read More

Road Trip: Puerto Rico

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The only thing more beautiful than the landscape of Puerto Rico is the people of Puerto Rico. Their unique culture is a rich blend of native Indian, African, Spanish, and French influences. As a commonwealth of the United States, they are US citizens, and at the same time, they enjoy their own identity. It was a joy to be able … Read More