Loving My Roots

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I have friends from many different evangelical denominations. We love, support, and encourage one another in kingdom work. My roots happen to be planted in the Baptist Missionary Association of America (BMA). While there is plenty to say about the dangers of denominational pride and competition, there is also plenty to say about appreciating and loving the place God has … Read More

The Triple-Word-Score of Providence

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Have you ever caught a glimpse of something God is doing? Maybe you’ve observed an experience where what once seemed to be coincidence was clearly providence. Perhaps you met your spouse in the most unlikely of places and later realized God had planned the entire event. Or maybe the kind soul who stopped when your car was stalled on the … Read More

My Racing Helmet

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When I was eight, my favorite activity was riding my red bicycle. Once, during summer break from school, several of my neighborhood friends came over to my house to see if I wanted to race our bikes around the block. Of course, I said, “yes.” Back then; nobody wore bicycle helmets –except for me. I didn’t wear a helmet for … Read More