8 Ways to Improve Your Church’s Care Plan

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Loss is hard. Although everyone handles grief differently, I’m convinced that nobody handles it easily. One of the ways that Christ comforts His children is through His body –the church. Romans 12:15 reminds us to “weep with those who weep.” After all, that’s what Jesus did. When His friend Lazarus died, He wept with Mary and Martha over their loss … Read More

Consider a Coach for Your Church

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For two years my son played tee-ball. This year, he graduated to pitching machine league. The transition was not easy. To help Bryce make the adjustment, I took him to the batting cages where he could practice with a pitching machine. I bought some tokens to place in the machine, and Bryce stepped into the batter’s box. He swung and … Read More

Pastors Need Pastors!

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In need of prayer? Call your pastor. Facing the loss of a loved one? Call your pastor. Been betrayed? Call your pastor. Carrying the weight of an entire congregation’s burdens is a difficult task –and only the pastor knows the full gravity of the position. So at the end of a long day of pastoring the congregation, who will pastor … Read More