The Last Straw…

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I would like to applaud McDonalds and Sonic for standing strong in the face of a modern fast-food tragedy. Although some of their peers (ie. Taco Bell) have given in, they have resisted the pressure to compromise on what makes them great: big, thick straws. You know, the kind that don’t break when you are trying to take the paper … Read More

What the Televangelists Won’t Tell You

Scott AtteberyChristian Living

I admit it. I believe in a health and wealth gospel. But not the kind you see on TV. We are all familiar with preachers and televangelists who manipulate their followers into “planting a seed of faith” in order to reap a harvest of wealth in this life. Of course the “seed of faith” is always in the form of … Read More

Holy Voicemail!

Scott AtteberyChristian Living

“Dude, you’ve got to hear this!” My friend was holding out his phone and laughing hysterically. “What is it?” I asked. “A voice mail from your mom.”(I totally didn’t see that coming) So, I took the phone and listened. I don’t remember the details of her message, but I’ll never forget the way she finished the call. It went something … Read More

Save Your Jet Fuel

Scott AtteberyChristian Living

I’ve had this crazy idea since Jr. High. If you could take off in a rocket going faster than the speed of light while carrying a telescope with unlimited magnification, I think you could replay the past. Theoretically, the reflections of light from all of history are still traveling through space. Which means, if you could travel faster than light … Read More

The Blind Side of the Blind Side

Scott AtteberyChristian Living

It’s almost football season. That means it’s time for watching football movies. One of my favorites is “The Blind Side.” But there is one problem… Maybe it’s because I’m a minister. Or maybe it is because it was glaringly obvious. Either way, Disney rewrote Scripture. Maybe you caught it too. Near the beginning of the movie, as the camera sweeps … Read More

Why You Must Warn About Following Christ

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My friend Adam recently went to the hospital for a biopsy. Doctors had found a growth in his pancreas and needed to determine what it was.  Before the procedure, a nurse explained the risk: 1 in 100 pancreas biopsies will agitate the pancreas enough to cause pancreatitis. Adam understood the risk and signed the waiver. Unfortunately, Adam was the 1 … Read More

Clean Churches Die

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During my second full week of pastoring, one of the ladies of our church made a disturbing comment. Looking back, I believe her comment probably describes the attitude of many other churches and their members. Our church was getting ready to construct a new building when I was hired. I’m sure the lady meant well, but you can imagine my … Read More

She Lives Beyond the Grave

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Soon it will be Bryce’s birthday. That means I’m in party-planning mode. I imagine what it would be like if my wife, Jill, was planning his party. (Jill passed away three months after Bryce was born.) I can see her organizational skills going to work –the “invite list” would have been a mile long and everyone would have received a … Read More

The “Aha Moment” of Marriage

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Marriage is like a globe. The globe is real. You can touch it, spin it, study it, and learn from it. However, the globe is not the end of the conversation. Do you remember the first time someone explained to you that the globe was just a small symbol of something greater? We call it an “Aha Moment.” The globe … Read More

Free at Last

Scott AtteberyChristian Living

In 2013, Daniel Larsen was recently declared innocent after 45 years in a Southern California prison. I can’t imagine the mixed emotions –rejoicing for being freed, angry for being imprisoned for a crime he did not commit. Surely the question has gone through Larsen’s head: “Why do bad things happen to good people?” But this is a baseless question according … Read More