Is Weak Gospel Language Acceptable?

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“Accept Christ.” Sounds good, right? You read it on church signs and hear it in sermons. But is that all there is to it? Certainly “accepting” Christ is necessary, even good. But it’s not the full picture. I’d like to suggest some bolder language, and here’s why: • It’s not a very clear message. What are you accepting about Christ? … Read More

Why You Must Warn About Following Christ

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My friend Adam recently went to the hospital for a biopsy. Doctors had found a growth in his pancreas and needed to determine what it was.  Before the procedure, a nurse explained the risk: 1 in 100 pancreas biopsies will agitate the pancreas enough to cause pancreatitis. Adam understood the risk and signed the waiver. Unfortunately, Adam was the 1 … Read More

Don’t Keep the Change

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My son has recently taken an interest in spending money from his piggy bank. In an effort to teach him about the responsible use of money, I have started allowing him to withdraw a small amount of money from his piggy bank each month in order to purchase a toy. Not long ago, we made a trip to the store … Read More