Clean Churches Die

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During my second full week of pastoring, one of the ladies of our church made a disturbing comment. Looking back, I believe her comment probably describes the attitude of many other churches and their members. Our church was getting ready to construct a new building when I was hired. I’m sure the lady meant well, but you can imagine my … Read More

Recruiting Seekers: The Mission of God and the Role of the Church

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Recruiting in college athletics is a 24/7, 365-day-a-year task that involves seeking out talent, assessing skills, and evaluating character. Athletic programs live or die by it. The church has been given a task similar to recruiting. We are called to evangelize, sharing the gospel with the lost in hopes they will come to Christ. Evangelism is not optional for the … Read More

What is Your Church Advertising?

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I see a lot of church advertising these days. Many churches are utilizing billboards, print ads, and social media for the purpose of outreach. I love the concept of utilizing creative spaces to advance the kingdom. However, there is a something unsettling about public ads that advertise with slogans such as: “In depth preaching,” “Contemporary and traditional services,” “Bible studies … Read More

What is Your Community Mission?

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When missionaries are commissioned to plant a church, they are expected to reach the community to which they have been sent. For instance, a missionary sent to a suburb of Omaha, Nebraska is expected to reach the people in that particular area through community engagement. Many times this takes shape as a service project such as handing out water bottles … Read More

Road Trip: Ward & Searcy Arkansas

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One of the best parts of my job at DiscipleGuide Church Resources is spending time with pastors in the Baptist Missionary Association of America (BMA). I’m always excited to hear how God uses leaders with different skill sets, gifts, and talents in the church. Here are a couple of examples from a recent road trip: Keith Lewis is the pastor … Read More