Clean Churches Die

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During my second full week of pastoring, one of the ladies of our church made a disturbing comment. Looking back, I believe her comment probably describes the attitude of many other churches and their members. Our church was getting ready to construct a new building when I was hired. I’m sure the lady meant well, but you can imagine my … Read More

Escaping Virtual Reality: The Deceit of Pride

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I was in seventh grade. My mom and dad had taken me to the mall for an afternoon of shopping. As usual, we planned to go our separate ways and meet back at the front entrance at a particular time. As I wondered through the mall that day, I noticed a new storefront. It was a virtual reality video game … Read More

Pastors -Just Say, “I Don’t Know”

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The moment one becomes a pastor, something strange happens: people suddenly think you know everything about the Bible! Twenty-four hours ago, you were like everyone else –learning the Bible a little at a time. But once you become, “Reverend” or “Brother,” the expectations skyrocket. Let’s be honest, nothing really changes overnight for new pastors. They are still the same people … Read More