Eight Ways to Improve Your Church “Care Plan”

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Loss is hard. Although everyone handles grief differently, I’m convinced that nobody handles it easily. One of the ways that Christ comforts His children is through His body –the church. Romans 12:15 reminds us to “weep with those who weep.” After all, that’s what Jesus did. When His friend Lazarus died, He wept with Mary and Martha over their loss (John 11:35). … Read More

Five Items For a New Pastor’s To-Do List

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To Do List

Have you ever noticed how ideas seem to flow when you don’t need them? Throughout the year, you might have a dozen great ideas for a weekend getaway; but when a weekend is finally available for a trip, you can’t think of anything to do. Or maybe you’ve had a million “when I get around to it” moments only to … Read More

Road Trip: Northwest Arkansas

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Bryce and I headed to northwest Arkansas to enjoy our favorite football team over the weekend. While the game wasn’t that enjoyable, the weekend together was great. To cap it all off, we decided to visit Grace Hills Church in Rogers, Arkansas. Grace Hills is led by my friend, Brandon Cox. Brandon’s humble spirit, visionary leadership, and clear communication skills … Read More

To Build or Not to Build?

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Building programs. Surely that phrase ranks somewhere on the top ten most polarizing issues in church life. Having pastored a church through a building program, I know first-hand about the added stress and strain they can cause. At the same time, I recognize the benefits that new facilities offer. Like any other major decision in the life of a church, … Read More

5 Tips For Cultivating Discipleship In Your Church

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1) Pastors should identify the disciple-making that is already happening within their Church. Disciples are being made in every church -the only question is “disciples of what?” Although not all of the discipleship is intentional or profitable, the good news for pastors is that they do not have to create the momentum –it already exists. The challenge is to identify … Read More

What is Your Community Mission?

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When missionaries are commissioned to plant a church, they are expected to reach the community to which they have been sent. For instance, a missionary sent to a suburb of Omaha, Nebraska is expected to reach the people in that particular area through community engagement. Many times this takes shape as a service project such as handing out water bottles … Read More

We Love Gay People

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Several years ago, I published this article in a denominational paper. Needless to say, it received mixed reviews -some positive, some negative. Nonetheless, I think the issue is just as important as it was then -and certainly more relevant. I look forward to hearing your feedback.   Let’s put this in perspective. Fact: Homosexuality is a sin against God. Fact: … Read More

The Fascinating Future of the Church

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Conceptual cells

Science is fascinating -and sometimes scary. Did you know that prenatal screening now allows prospective parents to know all sorts of details about their child’s traits by removing a single cell from an embryo? While highly controversial, the concept highlights the incredible amounts of information God has stored in human DNA. As I contemplated the idea of one cell being able … Read More

Why I Never Scheduled a Revival

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As a pastor, church members would occasionally ask, “Why don’t we have revivals?” To which I would sometimes answer, “I don’t know, but I wish God would send one soon –don’t you?” Of course, I knew what they were really asking. “Why don’t we have a series of services set aside each year for preaching and singing?” First, let me … Read More

Consider a Coach for Your Church

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For two years my son played tee-ball. This year, he graduated to pitching machine league. The transition was not easy. To help Bryce make the adjustment, I took him to the batting cages where he could practice with a pitching machine. I bought some tokens to place in the machine, and Bryce stepped into the batter’s box. He swung and … Read More