A Healthy Separation

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After a disappointing loss, legendary football coach Bear Bryant was asked if there was separation on his team. His answer was simple: “No, but there’s gonna be.” Separation can be healthy. Driving tests separate people qualified to drive from those who are not. Prisons separate criminals from law-abiding citizens, and hospitals separate the sick from the healthy. Yet, contemporary culture … Read More

Building Spiritual Muscles in the Mundane

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In the 1984 film “The Karate Kid,” an enthusiastic karate student is disappointed when his first lesson involves cleaning and waxing his master’s car. Day after day, Daniel questions the point of laborious tasks such as sanding a wood floor, refinishing a fence and painting Mr. Miyagi’s house. But when Mr. Miyagi finally begins to teach him karate moves, Daniel … Read More

God’s Purpose for Your Struggle With Sin

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Struggling with indwelling sin? Feel like it is dragging you down? Consider the fact that God may have a purpose for your struggles. Here’s an example from Joshua. We are familiar with Joshua’s conquests in the promised land. God had given Israel the land to inhabit. Additionally, God called them to drive out groups of people occupying the land at … Read More

Why Does Growth Require Suffering?

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Hebrews 2:10 “For it was fitting that he, for whom and by whom all things exist, in bringing many sons to glory, should make the founder of their salvation perfect through suffering.” The phrase, “perfect through suffering” stands out to me in this verse. Why did Jesus need to be made “perfect” and why did it include “suffering?” Why Jesus … Read More

Can You Reclaim Purity?

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I’ve heard of brides who refuse to wear a white dress to their wedding because of events in their past. They feel unworthy and tainted. I imagine we all understand that feeling to some extent. After all, God often refers to his people as a “bride.” What a strong word picture. “Bride” implies that God loves, honors, supports, and provides … Read More

Every ’78 Pontiac

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In Neuroscience, the Reticular Activating System refers to a set of connected nuclei in the brain that monitors and filters information being taken in by the senses.[1] When the brain becomes familiar with certain stimuli or patterns of stimuli, the Reticular Activation System becomes more sensitive to that information. It is what allows a person to pick up on an … Read More

Walmart Doesn’t Sell This Fruit

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Grocery shopping is not my favorite activity in the world. And yet, I seem to end up at Wal-Mart every day. Its not that I don’t have a great system for keeping a shopping list (I’m actually a really detailed list maker), but the craziness of life just keeps throwing more and more of those urgent “one item shopping trips” … Read More