Recruiting Network: The Church’s Role in God’s Mission

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This is the third post in a series on “seekers.” Previous posts have established that Sinners do not seek God naturally (Romans 3:10-11) God seeks and saves sinners (Luke 19:10) The Holy Spirit draws sinners to seek Him (John 3:8) But that does not mean that sinners are automatically converted without being evangelized. That leads to the question this post will discuss:   What is … Read More

World Famous

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Suppose two concerts were taking place in your area on the same night. One concert features a local band while the other concert features a world-famous band. Which one do you think will have the largest crowd? Most likely, the world-famous band will attract the most people. Why? Because we assume that the band with more fame is better. Fame … Read More


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We naturally understand that being first has value. Have you ever argued over a toy and said, “I had it first?” Or have you seen two people fight over a place in line by saying, “I was here first?” First implies we have rights that those who come after us do not have. When it comes to being first, nobody … Read More

What’s Driving Your Journey?

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The end of Exodus describes God’s instructions for crafting the tabernacle and its furniture. Certain men were set aside for the task according to the special skills God had given them. Each element of the tabernacle and its furnishings were created to exacting detail as prescribed by God. Without a doubt, the tabernacle –God’s tent of dwelling- was a sight … Read More

Are Puppies More Advanced Than Humans?

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Most of us would agree that humans are more advanced than animals. As believers, in fact, we would agree that God made humans as the pinnacle of creation (Genesis 1:26-27). So it has always seemed strange to me that a baby animal is able to survive elements and conditions of which we would never dream of placing a baby human. … Read More