Recognizing a Single Group

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I’m a part of a unique group of people: single parents. We are a diverse group. Some of us are widowed, others divorced, some have never been married. Yet, most of us feel similar pressures: To compensate for the absent parent To make sure our children feel “normal” To provide for our children To make time for our children While … Read More

Which Team Is God On?

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How many times have you caught yourself praying when your favorite team is down by two and has the ball with three seconds left? Maybe it’s just me, but I doubt it. When we get caught up in the excitement of the moment, we tend to forget that God has children who are fans of the other team as well! … Read More

Are We Teaching Two Gods?

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Christians around the world affirm the fact that there is one God and He never changes. Seems pretty straight-forward and basic doesn’t it? He is God, He doesn’t change. However, when Christians use phrases like, “In the Old Testament, God is full of wrath, and in the New Testament, He is full of grace,” we betray this truth. Did God … Read More

Escaping Virtual Reality: The Deceit of Pride

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I was in seventh grade. My mom and dad had taken me to the mall for an afternoon of shopping. As usual, we planned to go our separate ways and meet back at the front entrance at a particular time. As I wondered through the mall that day, I noticed a new storefront. It was a virtual reality video game … Read More

Loving Contrasts

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militarydad and daughter reunited

I recently saw a picture of a soldier returning from duty overseas. In the picture, the strong, tough, muscle-bound soldier is kneeling down to hug his young daughter. I was mesmerized by the contrast. One moment, the man was engaged in battle. The next moment, he was enjoying a tender moment with a child. Why is it that these types … Read More