Happy Anniversary, Mom & Dad!

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My parents recently celebrated their 45th wedding anniversary. I am so thankful for the testimony of their love for one another, for Christ, and for me. My dad spent years in pastoral ministry before serving in leadership at Central Baptist College. God has blessed him with a pastor’s heart and a businessman’s mind. I am so proud of the faithful … Read More

The Greatness of God’s Faithfulness (2 of 4)

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(These are excerpts from a recent sermon from Genesis 15.) Part 2: “The Covenant With Abraham” In Genesis 15, Abraham had already been given a pretty lengthy covenant by God. Part of the covenant was the fact that God had promised Abraham that He would make him into a great nation, which entailed Abraham having children and that had, up … Read More

Why Conflict Between Believers Betrays Christ

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Desperate Businessman

Two different groups of my friends are engaged in conflict. They both have legitimate complaints against the other. Nobody is innocent and yet nobody is completely to blame. In other words, the complaints against one another are not really the issue. In fact, the complaints could be easily resolved. Instead, however, the two parties have allowed the issue to get … Read More

The Greatness of God’s Faithfulness (1 of 4)

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(These are excerpts from a recent sermon from Genesis 15)   A little over four years ago, I lost my wife in a car accident. The years since then have been very difficult, and the most difficult thing of all is that my son, Bryce, who was only about three months old when she died, has no memory of his … Read More

Are You Hitting the Target?

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Like a target, goals give any endeavor direction and meaning. So what kind of goals should a disciple-maker have? While this isn’t an exhaustive list, its a great starting point. Goal 1) For my disciple to become Christ-like.  To be Christ-like, a disciple must obey Christ’s teaching as summed up in the Great Commandment and Great Commission.  That’s what the … Read More

You Can Enjoy Life and Peace Now

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I have a problem. Although I am born-again -breathing the new life of the Spirit- I still struggle with temptation to live in the flesh. I imagine you can identify with this problem as well. It’s just a part of the Christian life on earth. Paul addresses the issue in Romans 8:5-6 when he says, “For those who live according … Read More

The Who & The What

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All of Jesus’ teachings are summed up in two passages of Scripture.  We call them the Great Commandment and the Great Commission. They are the “who” and the “what” of the disciple’s life. The Great Commandment teaches who I am in Christ (Love God & Love Others).  The Great Commission teaches what I am supposed to do through Christ (Make … Read More

To Build or Not to Build?

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Building programs. Surely that phrase ranks somewhere on the top ten most polarizing issues in church life. Having pastored a church through a building program, I know first-hand about the added stress and strain they can cause. At the same time, I recognize the benefits that new facilities offer. Like any other major decision in the life of a church, … Read More

Is Discipleship a Starting-Line or a Finish-Line?

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Some people think of planned discipleship as a finish line.  They think if they can just complete a discipleship program with someone, that will get the person across the spiritual finish line to a place where they are fully mature.  Nothing could be further from the truth. First, discipleship is not a program with a graduation ceremony.  Discipleship lasts for … Read More

Not the Same Scott

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“You’re just not the same Scott I used to know.” Ouch. The words from my old friend pierced my heart. He was right. I’m not the same Scott I was fifteen year ago –or even ten years ago or five years ago. I went home that evening in a somber mood. I couldn’t shake the unnerving feeling that something had … Read More