No Regrets

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Last night I was sitting with two other widow/widowers. It was a beautiful thing to watch as one widow poured out Christ-like compassion upon a widower who had recently lost his wife of over 40 years. I enjoyed listening more than talking. It was great to be able to observe what God was doing as he brought together all of … Read More

Be Here Now

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natalie be here now

I need to buy groceries. The yard needs mowing. It’s time for an oil change.   My son wants to be with me.   I take him to the gym. He waits on my haircut. I haul him around town on errands.   My son wants to be with me –not just around me.   We rush to church. We … Read More

Breathing in Outer Space

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Imagine stepping out into outer-space for a spacewalk. As you take your first steps out of the international space station into the infinite realm of space, something terrible happens. You feel sick. Your hearing and speaking abilities suddenly vanish. Trapped in a spacesuit, you feel disoriented and can only think of one thing: get back to the space station -fast. … Read More

Incredible Testimony

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The following is the testimony of my friend, Daniel Barham. Daniel and I attend the same church. I wish you could see the amazing joy Daniel constantly displays. If you have a few minutes, please read this: God gave me loving parents who have done everything they could to give me a normal life. I was born in 1960. I was … Read More

She Still Encourages My Faith

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Jill wrote this in her journal on her 34th birthday. Two years earlier we had suffered a miscarriage. Eight and a half months later, Bryce was born. Eleven and a half months later, Jill went home to be with the Lord. 12-20-07 God, You who are mighty have done great things for me –and holy is your name!!! God you … Read More

The Time I Used the Heimlich

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Not long ago, my son and I were eating in a local restaurant. All of a sudden, a lady at the table next to us stood up and started shouting, “Somebody do the Heineken! Somebody do the Heineken!” I was pretty sure the word she was looking for was “Heimlich,” but this wasn’t a time to trip over details. Her … Read More

Good News In The Midst of Disaster

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Ko Nyi Nyi's house

For centuries, men have debated whether or not natural disasters are caused by God or allowed by God. No matter the answer, we can all agree that natural disasters are used by God for His glory. I’d like to share an example that is taking place right now. I just received this email from a friend. The original text is … Read More

Nature vs. Nurture in Discipleship

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Do these names sound familiar? –OJ Simpson, Martha Stewart, Michael Jackson, Timothy McVeigh, Scott Peterson, The Menendez Brothers, Jeffrey Dahmer, Lindsay Lohan, Casey Anthony, Justin Beiber, Jay-Z, Kim Kardashian, Donald Trump, Brad Pitt, and Angelina Jolie. What is it that we so desperately want to know about them? For some reason, we are all fascinated by the stories of their … Read More

The Greatness of God’s Faithfulness (4 of 4)

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(These are excerpts from a recent sermon from Genesis 15.)  Part 4: “The Solution to the Covenant” If you feel the tension in your heart like I felt when I read this text (Genesis 15, see Part 1 here and Part 2 here and Part 3 here) and tried to see things from Abraham’s perspective, this will be a great relief to you —Abraham never … Read More

What Biblical Preaching is NOT

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Here are five quick thoughts on what preaching is not. Are you guilty of any of these?   Running Commentary. Explaining the meaning of each verse is great. In fact, preaching is incomplete without it. However, this is not the end of the sermon! Anyone in the congregation could have saved time and read a commentary at home. If the … Read More