Is Weak Gospel Language Acceptable?

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“Accept Christ.” Sounds good, right? You read it on church signs and hear it in sermons. But is that all there is to it? Certainly “accepting” Christ is necessary, even good. But it’s not the full picture. I’d like to suggest some bolder language, and here’s why: • It’s not a very clear message. What are you accepting about Christ? … Read More

Who Is Responsible For Revival?

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Growing up, I remember the announcement every year in church: “Ladies, please sign up to bring food for next week’s revival services.” I loved that announcement. Why? Several reasons: Home-made fried chicken, sour dough bread, mashed potatoes, and CHOCOLATE PIE!!! Revival: The very word has different meanings for different people. For some, it means week-long meetings in the Fall and … Read More

When You Need to Keep on Going Through the Motions

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The phrase, “going through the motions” has a negative connotation -and rightfully so. It refers to someone who keeps up external appearances and expectations without the proper internal motivation. We use it a lot in the church world to describe Christians who go to church, sing the songs, and give their offerings without their “heart being in it.” Of course, … Read More