Stop Raising Mules

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I’m not a country boy. There, I admitted it. However, I do live in Arkansas, which means I get a few “country boy points” by default. For instance, I know that horses reproduce horses. I also know that donkeys reproduce donkeys. And, for bonus points, I know that a horse and a donkey together produce mules. Mules are very patient, … Read More

What Ice?

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My son is very outgoing. He rarely meets a stranger. Or, in terms of “breaking the ice,” Bryce usually just skates on across! That should probably scare me a little bit, but for now it just makes me smile. In fact, sometimes it makes me blush. Several months ago Bryce and I were on a flight together. As usual, he … Read More

Moonwalking in Heaven

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I often wonder what it will be like when my son finally meets his mommy. Bryce was three months old when Jill died. Therefore, everything he knows about his mom is a result of the stories and pictures that I, along with my friends and family, share with him. In a sense, he has a second-hand knowledge of his mother. … Read More