It was a snow day. School was out and the office was closed.

Bryce and his buddy from down the street were busy playing in his room. I was just settling into the second chapter of a good book when I heard whispering.

“Don’t tell my dad what we did.”

Classic six-year-old mistake, right?

First, a lack of auditory volume awareness.

Second, mistaken belief that I wouldn’t notice the icicles he and his friend smuggled into the house.

As soon as I looked up from my book, he knew I was on to him. Fortunately, I am a dad of great mercy (and a sense of humor)!

Parenting is always a great reminder of how God relates to His children. More specifically, parenting is a great reminder of how unaware and deceived we can be before God.

How many times do I have conversations with my friends under the assumption that the Heavenly Father is not listening? How often do I act as if the His eyes do not see me?

Perhaps the greater question is, how often do I rejoice that my Heavenly Father is full of mercy!