Today begins the 27th annual SOAR student conference. I attended the first SOAR conference as a seventh grader who was more interested in girls than God’s Word.

During one of the sessions, the conference’s founder, Bobby Tucker, shared the story of a girl who had begun a Bible club at her school. For some reason, the idea intrigued me.

That fall, with my principal’s support, I started a Bible club at my school. It wasn’t fancy by any means. We met for about 20 minutes in the middle of lunch period every Thursday. I would spend the first ten minutes of lunch walking around to tables in the cafeteria inviting everyone who would come.

Most weeks, I tried my best to share a short devotional thought. On other weeks, ministers from the area were gracious to speak to our group.

With the help of my friends, the Bible club continued through graduation. I honestly don’t know what impact the Bible club had on my friends, but I certainly know the impact it had on me.

God used that message at SOAR, and the small commitment to start a Bible club, to set the trajectory for my life. The SOAR conference and that fledgling Bible club shaped who I am today.

This week, thousands of students will attend the SOAR conference. Our theme will focus on living a selfless, ministry lifestyle. This is a biblical calling for every believer –not just vocational ministers.

We want students to understand that no matter where life takes them, God has a ministry for them to live out –whether as a student, adult, senior citizen, executive, housewife, retiree, factory worker, salesman, or physician. The most important thing about a person is not what they do for a living, but how they are living!

Today, I have the privilege of overseeing the SOAR conference. It’s a humbling task that fills my heart with joy and anticipation. Can you imagine what would happen if 2,000 students return to their homes, communities, and schools with a commitment to ministers to their peers?

Pray with me that God will raise up new ministers who will use the platform God gives them to live out a life of ministry! Don’t discount the power of students, and a student conference, to make a difference in the Kingdom forever.

I know, because that’s my story!