Pastoral Search? Take Your Time!

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Selecting a new pastor can be difficult. For many churches, the search committee feels lost because the spiritual leader (former pastor) has left and now they have big shoes to fill. Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of “how to select a new pastor” training programs out there. If there were one piece of advice I would give any church regarding … Read More

Pastors, What is Your Value?

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First chore. That’s monumental in every child’s life, right? For my son, Bryce, the moment came recently when I told him I would pay him a nickel for every time he made his bed. A few weeks his new chore, things have been going well (and Bryce is getting rich). This morning, Bryce told me that I forgot to pay … Read More

4 Tips for Welcoming Visitors to Your Group

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When was the last time you were a visitor in a Sunday school class or Small group? For most, it has been a while. That’s why it is hard for “regulars” to see what might be glaring to visitors. The truth is that many groups and classes who believe that they are hospitable, warm, and caring aren’t –at least not … Read More

5 Tips For Creating Effective PowerPoint Slides

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Many churches spend thousands of dollars on projectors, screens, and equipment to project video, lyrics, scripture, and sermon points. But rarely does a church spend time learning to maximize the technology through quality design principles. In other words, why spend thousands on a projector if your slides look worthless (ie. People complain because they are hard to read or too … Read More