How Many Words Does It Take To Describe a Pastor?

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What is a pastor? Three words in the New Testament are used interchangeable to describe this office in the church: Pastor, Elder, and Bishop. Is it strange that the Bible uses multiple words to describe this office? Not any more than for Americans to describe our leader as, “President,” “Commander in Chief,” and “Leader of the Free World.” So why would … Read More

So, You’re Going to Be a Pastor…

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         “So, you’re going to be a pastor.” Have you heard that before? Perhaps from a co-worker, family member, or long-time friend. Even more, have you wondered what they mean? What is the underlying meaning of their question? Before you get frustrated by everyone’s questions and concerns, take some time to understand why they are concerned. Pastoring … Read More

Give Your Pastor a Break!

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How many times have you heard someone say to a photographer, “Make sure you get my good side!” Personally, I don’t even know if I have a “good side” or not. But I totally understand the desire to be seen in the most positive way possible –especially when it comes to photos (they tend to last). Most pastors feel the … Read More

Should Pastors Sign Prenups?

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Have you ever thought about how many ways becoming a pastor is like getting married? Here are a few: 1)   They both typically happen in a church 2)    You are never really prepared for either 3)   You will always look back on both thinking, “If only I knew then…” 4)   They both involve a powerful commitment between you, Christ, and … Read More

Your Church’s Turf May Be Bigger Than You Think

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“Turf wars” can be brutal –especially within ministry. As a young minister in the Eighteenth Century, John Wesley was chided by the Anglican Church for preaching across parish lines (invading another pastor’s turf). When approached, Wesley famously explained, “The world is my parish.” In other words, Wesley did not draw boundaries for his ministry. He saw a world full of … Read More

Pastors Need Pastors!

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Pastor Holding Bible

In need of prayer? Call your pastor. Facing the loss of a loved one? Call your pastor. Been betrayed? Call your pastor. Carrying the weight of an entire congregation’s burdens is a difficult task –and only the pastor knows the full gravity of the position. So at the end of a long day of pastoring the congregation, who will pastor … Read More

Pastors -Just Say, “I Don’t Know”

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Business Man Shrug

The moment one becomes a pastor, something strange happens: people suddenly think you know everything about the Bible! Twenty-four hours ago, you were like everyone else –learning the Bible a little at a time. But once you become, “Reverend” or “Brother,” the expectations skyrocket. Let’s be honest, nothing really changes overnight for new pastors. They are still the same people … Read More

3 Great Reasons to Be a Small Church

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I’m not a fan of judging a church by its attendance. For that reason, I must confess my double standard. During my time as a pastor, I paid attention to the size of the Sunday crowd. I guess its just human nature to think bigger is better. On several occasions, however, I was happy with a smaller attendance. For instance, … Read More

What is the Best Size for Your Church?

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How tall are you? I’m six feet and ½ inch. Some of my life-long friends are taller and some are shorter. Yet, all of us have quit growing (at least in height). We all understand that height has nothing to do with maturity or competency. My doctor probably isn’t going to say, “you’re just three inches shy of greatness.” Instead, … Read More

The 16oz Church (Small Can Be Big!)

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Remember the Pepsi Challenge? It was a marketing campaign in the 80’s where people would be offered two unmarked cups. One contained Coke and the other contained Pepsi. After taking a sip of both, the participants would be asked to reveal which one they liked the best. Apparently more people picked Pepsi. At least, that’s what their ads led us … Read More