Be Here Now

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I need to buy groceries. The yard needs mowing. It’s time for an oil change.   My son wants to be with me.   I take him to the gym. He waits on my haircut. I haul him around town on errands.   My son wants to be with me –not just around me.   We rush to church. We … Read More

Does God Hate?

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Does God Hate? This topic probably didn’t get a lot of airplay from your childhood Sunday school teacher –and understandably so. Generally speaking, it is wrong to hate. The issue of God’s hatred is not just a theological riddle. The way we answer this question cuts to the heart of our understanding of God and the gospel. The simple answer … Read More

Hope for Families Touched by Suicide

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Yesterday I listened to callers on a local radio talk show discuss whether or not suicide was an unpardonable sin. (Whether or not a person can commit suicide and still go to heaven) Its always interesting to me how a subject like this can spark heated discussion among people who ordinarily wouldn’t discuss spiritual things.  Its also interesting to discover … Read More

Blind Faith?

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The phrase, “blind faith,” is a contradiction in terms. So it seems appropriate that the Bible would show an example of true faith in the lives of two blind men. Matthew 20:29-34 describes what happened: And as they went out of Jericho, a great crowd followed him. And behold, there were two blind men sitting by the roadside, and when … Read More

Grace Alone for Living Alone

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I face it every night. After tucking my son in bed, I close the door and walk back into my living room. There it is, my faithful companion: being alone. I didn’t choose the single life. Yet God chose it for me (at least for this season). I was happily married with a newborn when my wife passed away in … Read More

The “Perfect” Singles Ministry

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“I don’t belong here.” That was the first thought that entered my mind when I walked into the room labeled, “singles.” I had recently relocated and was interested in building relationships in my new church home. On that particular Sunday morning, I was greeted in the Church entrance and asked what kind of class I would like to attend. After … Read More

No Laughing Matter

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My son is a well-behaved kid. Most of the time, if he needs correction, a short talk is all that is needed. Recently, however, his behavior required something stronger. So, after a serious conversation, I spanked him. As he looked up at me, I knew something was not quite right. He was holding back laughter. It occurred to me that … Read More

Why it’s Great to be a Child

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Remember when you thought “growing up” was going to be the best thing ever? “Adulthood” represented not having to eat your vegetables, or go run errands with mom, or do your homework, or finish your chores. The dream was to grow up and become independent so you could sleep late, watch tv all day, eat pizza for every meal, and … Read More

I Don’t Vacation Well

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Recently, I spent some time on vacation. I had been planning and looking forward to the getaway for months. Finally, I arrived. I checked into my hotel, grabbed my backpack full of books and headed to the pool. This is what I had been waiting for. Only, it wasn’t the way I had envisioned it. I had been anxiously expecting … Read More