One of the best parts of my job at DiscipleGuide Church Resources is spending time with pastors in the Baptist Missionary Association of America (BMA). I’m always excited to hear how God uses leaders with different skill sets, gifts, and talents in the church. Here are a couple of examples from a recent road trip:

Keith Lewis is the pastor of Charity Baptist Church in Ward, Arkansas. Keith and his family planted the church about ten years ago and God has blessed immensely. Now, they are extending an arm to support church planter Anders Lee in Desoto county Mississippi. How cool that such a young church has a vision to plant new churches!

I was excited to hear Keith describe the church’s youth ministry. Instead of waiting on the kids to come to them, Charity Baptist goes to the kids -literally. Every Wednesday, the church van picks up students and takes them to the church facility. Adult volunteers prepare games and snacks for the students. Some students (believe it or not) even do homework in Sunday School rooms! Students are fed dinner and then participate in youth group activities during the evening. What a great idea!

About fifteen miles away, Keith Lunceford pastors Park Avenue Baptist Church in Searcy, Arkansas. Keith’s long and faithful tenure in Searcy has created an environment of stability and trust within the congregation. Even more, the sense of trust in Keith’s leadership permeates the entire community. As a result, eight years ago, the local newspaper asked Keith to write a weekly article. What a great way to influence a community for Christ!

Isn’t it wonderful to hear about the creative ways God uses pastors to reach the world? How does your pastor use his gifts to reach your community? I’d love to hear about it… and maybe I can make a visit!