Quick… what is the first book printed in the United States?

Not the Gutenberg Bible –it was printed in Germany. But that’s close…

The first book believed to be printed in the United States was printed in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1640. And yes, it was Scripture -specifically, the Psalms. It was published by the Puritan leaders of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. And no, it wasn’t in the KJV (the Puritans weren’t big fans).

One of the eleven existing copies is going up for auction soon. “How much,” you ask? It is expected to bring as much as $30 million.

While that price is shocking for any book, it is a great reminder, for us as believers, of the infinite value of the “Book of Books.” Men like John Wycliffe and William Tyndale gave their lives for this book. They understood, as should we, that it priceless.

While we might look down upon collectors who would bid such money only to miss the real value of Scripture; is it possible that we do the same thing with our $19.95 copies of Scripture?

How many copies of the Bible do you have anyway? Do you treat God’s Word as a treasure in excess of $30 million? Here’s a good test:
If you only had one Bible -and had no way of obtaining another one- would you trade $30 million for it?


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  1. i don’t have that kind of money but if I did, yes! Money is temporary but God’s Word and the wisdom it imparts are eternal. After reading the book “In the presence of my Enemies” , I was made aware of how small my Bible would be if I had to write it from my memory and how precious it would be if that was all I had.

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