Road Trip: Ballardsville, MS

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I knew it was going to be a great visit as I drove through the beautiful landscape. I even slowed down a little to take it all in.

I smiled as I pulled into the parking lot of Ballardsville Baptist Church on Sunday morning. Next to my vehicle sat a new Ford truck with the windows rolled down and keys in the ignition. I knew these were my kind of people!

Walking into the building, I quickly realized that the people were as pleasant as the Mississippi scenery. They welcomed me with warm hospitality and invited me to take part in a Sunday School class.

The class was well-taught and full of lively discussion. It was obvious that this was more than a class –this was family.

The morning worship service carried the same spirit of harmony. Pastor Jimmy Daugherty led the service with noticeable enthusiasm.

Bro. Jimmy is a strong leader with a big heart. During the service, he gave an update on the renovation of a home for the family of Bro. Larry Smith, a pastor who recently passed away.

To learn more about how you can help the Smith family, take a look at Bro. Jimmy’s ministry page on Facebook: Lynco-Love Your Neighbor Community Outreach.

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