Not long ago, my son and I were eating in a local restaurant. All of a sudden, a lady at the table next to us stood up and started shouting, “Somebody do the Heineken! Somebody do the Heineken!” I was pretty sure the word she was looking for was “Heimlich,” but this wasn’t a time to trip over details. Her husband had choked on his dinner.

Long story short, I stood up, took my position behind the man, and began thrusting my hands into his abdomen. It only took two tries before a massive piece of steak popped out. I was a surprised by how easily is came out.

Later that night, I was thinking about how many years it had been since I learned the Heimlich in a school health class. It was at least 25 years ago! And to the best of my knowledge, I hadn’t taken any refresher courses. Somehow, it was conveniently waiting in my brain for the day I would need it.

It reminds me of the way God’s Word comes to mind years after we memorize a verse, hear a sermon, or study a passage. His Word trains our minds to be ready for any situation.

My Jr. High health teacher wasn’t at the restaurant to see me save the choking man’s life. Yet, it was his instruction that trained me for the moment.

If you are a pastor, teacher, Bible study leader, or parent who has ever wondered if your instruction is having any impact; take heart. You may not see the results today or tomorrow. In fact, you may never see the fruit of your labor. But that does not take away from the fact that just like teaching the Heimlich maneuver saves physical lives, teaching God’s Word saves spiritual lives!