For centuries, men have debated whether or not natural disasters are caused by God or allowed by God. No matter the answer, we can all agree that natural disasters are used by God for His glory. I’d like to share an example that is taking place right now.

I just received this email from a friend. The original text is from a missionary in Myanmar reporting on the recent flooding and land slides. As the email points out, a church leader, Ko Nyi Nyi, and his family are among thousands who have been displaced and housed in rescue centers.

What strikes me the most about the email is how Ko Nyi Nyi chooses to see this disaster. Namely, he sees it as an opportunity for the gospel. Oh, that I might have such wisdom in the midst of tragedy!

Here is the text of the email. As you read, please be in prayer for the people of Myanmar.

Heavy monsoon rains during the month of July have caused flooding and landslides in several parts of Myanmar and over a hundred people dead and displaced thousands. Among many victims Ko Nyi Nyi, one of our trained leaders and his family are out of them. They live in Nanchung village, Sagaing Division, northwest of Myanmar. He and his wife and 3 kids are now in rescue camp for 4 weeks. Now the water is gone but mud remain in his house and all over the village and they could not move into their home yet because of mud and bad smell all over the village.  The Myanmar government has appealed for international aid to flood victims. International aids have been arriving from several countries including the US. Thanks for it. But I think it would need long term for recovery. Bridges and roads have been destroyed or damaged by the flood landslides in Chin State and Sagaing Division and communications in those areas are still very difficult.


Ko Nyi Nyi is one of our workers in the area of Athetsaka (LifeWord Burmese program). He has been advertising our LifeWord Burmese program and collecting our listener’s letters from many villages. By answering those listener’s questions through him we have another chances to share Christ in that region.  Two people have been saved and another two people made profession of faith through him and our lifeWord Burmese program.


Now, the Lord opens for Ko Nyi Nyi to shares the gospel in rescue camps every day and night. He told me that many people are more interested in the gospel after that flood. He asked me to send more gospel tracts. But it is out of print. Please pray for Ko Nyi Nyi as he continue to share the gospel many lost souls might be saved. The only way we can reach right now to that region is by flight and it is very expensive. Please pray for the recovery of those damage roads.


Our mission church members who live in 5 different villages of Irrawaddy Division have been affected by the flood also. No one is dead but their rice fields have been covering by waters.


I asked uncle Myint about our brethren in Paletwa area of Chin State. Chin State and Irrawaddy Division are two out of 5 regions the Myanmar government has declared disaster zones. Uncle Myint told me our brethren in Paletwa, Chin State are OK. No one is dead but all of their crops were destroyed by the recent heavy monsoon rains. Please pray for them.


We never have that kind of flooding and landslides in Myanmar. But we have it now and at the same time that kinds of disasters were not only in Myanmar but also in some parts of India and in Macedonia etc., I believe it is the sign of Christ coming! His coming is very near. Pray for us so that we might able to share the gospel in effective ways to unbelieving people of Myanmar.


Thanks for your prayers and support!