Road Trip: Rockin’ the Block in Jacksonville, TX

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I was born in Jacksonville, TX and lived there for seven years. The friends I made there are like family to me.

So I was thrilled at the opportunity to preach recently in Jacksonville at Cornerstone Baptist Church. Showing up there (in the same facility where I attended Kindergarten) was like a family reunion!

The leadership at Cornerstone is strong. Men of conviction lead together in harmony. And that harmony is evident throughout the congregation’s fellowship.

But they aren’t satisfied to keep the sweet fellowship to themselves.

This summer, they will be reaching out to their city through “Rock the Block;” a series of Backyard Bible Clubs for children and families throughout their community. It’s a way to take Vacation Bible School outside of the walls of the church and into the areas of greatest need!

Think about the implications of this kind of ministry. 1) Not only are they ministering to their own children, but they are also reaching lost children. 2) Not only will they have the opportunity to reach children, but they will also be able to reach local families. 3) They are doing mission work at home! 4) Their children are going to take part in mission work at an early age -How exciting!

Rock the Block’s leaders Luke and Katy McCown have done an incredible job organizing this summer ministry. One of their informational overview forms describes Rock the Block this way:

A RTB party is held in a member’s yard, driveway, a community park or gathering place.  Parties are held in the mornings or evenings.  Through lesson presentations, small group discussions, activities, and crafts, Biblical truths are taught, reinforced, and applied.  Each 5-day, 2-hour party will include a presentation of the Gospel, as well as take home materials designed to engage the family in thought-provoking conversations.

One of my favorite things about this ministry is the fact that any church could do something like this –no matter the size or location. Wouldn’t it be great to hear of churches working together this summer to reach the families of their community?

I think its time we all consider how we will “Rock the Block.”

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