I speak about Jill in many of my sermons. Partly because she was an incredible disciple-maker, partly because she was the love of my life, partly because her story has been able to help others struggling with loss, and partly because I want to honor her.

Recently, I was sitting among worshippers, waiting for my time to preach one of my messages in which I would share about Jill. It happened to be Mothers’ Day. As the church began recognizing mothers in the congregation, I started to wonder what it would be like if Jill was there. It has been six years since she passed away. What would she look like now? How would our relationship have matured? What experiences would we have shared together as a family? How would my son’s life be different if she was still alive?

I was missing Jill because she was missing on Mother’s day. Of course, I miss her everyday. It just so happened that on this particular Sunday, my imagination and curiosity were more engaged than normal.

The songs ended and it was my turn to speak. And, although she wasn’t there physically, Jill’s memory was certainly present in my sermon.

I praise God that she lived such a Christ-honoring life that whenever I share about her, it always serves to glorify God. That’s the life she lived, and I miss her greatly –especially on Mother’s day.