Three Bad Reasons to Plant a Church

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I am a supporter of church planting. I believe the Great Commission requires it. However, I’m of the opinion that church planters with the wrong motives should stop and re-evaluate. Don’t misunderstand, no church planter is perfect, and certainly all planters have some degree of selfsih motives they struggle with. But if the main impetus for planting a congregation is … Read More

Road (Air) Trip: Nicaragua

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The ministry of discipleship and church planting in Nicaragua under the direction of Oscar Gaitan has been a major influence in my life for many years. Shortly after graduating from college I took my first trip to visit the Central American country where I met Oscar and his wife Tami. Over the years, I have returned to visit and serve … Read More

Baptisms, Breakfast, and God’s Mission

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This morning I enjoyed a wonderful breakfast in Nicaragua with my friends, Tami and Oscar. Oscar directs the mission work of the Baptist Missionary Association for this beautiful Central American country. After our meal, we reminisced about experiences we have shared in the past through mission trips and other events. Our conversation went back to a mission trip that my … Read More

Balancing Great Commission Work

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The Great Commission has at least three key points of emphasis: 1) A Discipleship emphasis (…make disciples…) 2) A Global emphasis (…of all nations…) 3) A Local Congregation emphasis (…baptizing them…) These three points of emphasis are not a checklist of tasks to be performed in order. It is not as if we are to first make disciples, then go … Read More