Road Trip: Waxahachie, TX

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I had the privilege of spending Sunday morning at Farley Street Baptist Church in Waxahachie, TX while senior pastor, Richard Smith, was away on vacation. It was a powerful experience as Blanton Feaster led the congregation in singing. I already knew Blanton had gifts in the area of administration and teaching, but Sunday I found out that he is also a gifted musician and leader.

Before the service I had the opportunity to meet a significant portion of the congregation. As I shook hands and introduced myself, I was struck by the diversity of the people. Every age group imaginable was represented. Likewise, it seemed like there was a great mix of new members vs. long-time members. These two things tell me that 1) the church does a great job of ministering to all ages, and 2) the church retains members and attracts new members.

These are great signs for any church and it was evident that the people of Farley Street are experiencing Christ-centered ministry. The hospitality, sincerity, and spirit of the people was a blessing to me.

Farley Street’s student minister, Jason Prewitt, will soon become the new camp director for Daniel Springs Baptist Camp in Gary, TX. Daniel Springs is a part of the ministry I serve called DiscipleGuide Church Resources. It was a blessing to speak to so many people in the congregation who are supporting Jason in this move. It was obvious that the congregation is cheering him on in his new ministry, even though it will mean losing their beloved minister.

I was especially touched by the closing prayer in the service in which all of the folks who are involved in the youth ministry gathered around Jason and lifted up he and his wife Jessica.

After the service, I had the privilege of meeting many of Farley Street’s teachers during a luncheon. Not only did I have an opportunity to speak with them about “Sunday School on Mission,” but also they shared wonderful insight and testimonies from their own teaching experiences. What a remarkable group of teachers!

I had a great time in Waxahachie and can’t wait to visit again!

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