Did you know that Sulphur Springs, Texas has the world’s only free standing glass public restrooms located on its town square? Its a little strange -especially in the fact that from the inside, you can see out. But from the outside, you cannot see in. Still, I decided not to try them…. Davis Street Baptist Church is also located in Sulphur Springs.

It was a hot day in Texas as I walked into Davis Street Baptist Church. Before I entered the door, I knew it was a special place. A group of young men were standing at the door greeting everyone who entered. It wasn’t the normal, “good morning,” or “take a bulletin.” No, these young men really took the time to make everyone feel welcome. They had real conversations with each family as the approached hugging parents and high-fifiving children. It was fun to watch -at least until I broke into a sweat on the radiating parking lot!

Once inside, I continued seeing an atmosphere of love. The greeters weren’t the only ones evoking the vibe -everyone seemed to genuinely love and care for one-another. What a special place!

The sanctuary was filled with diverse age groups, yet was predominantly made up of 30-somethings. As the service began, I was thankful for the approach the musicians took with the music -they led as servants to the entire church. The music was wonderful and provided an excellent opportunity for the entire congregation to praise God together in song.

Pastor Andy Comer has led Davis Street well. His calm, personable demeanor is reflected throughout the congregation. I have the utmost respect for Andy and the entire church.

And, just in case you are wondering, the church has solid, opaque walls around all of its restroom facilities 🙂

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  1. We were so glad to have you visit our church….you are welcome to return any time. God bless you.

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