Road Trip: Shady Grove & Soso Mississippi

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I enjoyed another exciting road trip to visit Baptist Missionary Association churches:

It was my first visit to Soso Mississippi -and it was anything but (you got it) so-so! Berean Baptist Church welcomed me with incredible hospitality.  Their congregation is a warm loving family.

Their pastor, Bryson Haden has a law enforcement background. He explains that his experience “reading people” as an officer has been advantageous to his ministry at the church. Bryson is the kind of young pastor that brings enthusiasm and strong leadership to his congregation.  He and wife Jessica have great family of two boys and one girl.

One of my favorite ideas that Bryson has developed in the church is a church-wide men’s meeting on the Wednesday evening prior to the Sunday evening business meeting. In this meeting, Bryson shares upcoming business and issues with the men of the church so they will be informed and be able to pray about decisions prior to the meeting.

Menn kan i tillegg slite med ereksjonssvikt, kvinner med vaginisme, eller betennelseslignende plager i og rundt skjeden. Hos pasienter som har gjennomgått strålebehandling vil psa synke Levitra Original 20mg til laveste verdi i løpet av 1 til 1 måneder.

After visiting with the church in Soso, I spent time in Shady Grove (on the outskirts of Laurel). Danny Pitts pastors First Baptist Church of Shady Grove. During the worship service, I noticed a man playing a small bass guitar. It caught my eye because I had never seen a bass that size. After the service, I inquired with the man (Bobby) about his instrument. He explained how he had spent many years as an instrument designer for a major music company. Creating instruments was his hobby. What a wonderful talent. I am always amazed by the ways that God fills His churches with various gifts and skills.

Speaking of gifts and skills, after the service, I enjoyed getting to know Pastor Danny Pitts. It doesn’t take long to realize Danny has incredible knowledge of the Bible. I learned that his real passion in Scripture is Hebrew history and backgrounds. It was fascinating to listen and hear about how his studies clarify and enrich His gospel ministry. (Pastors, I would highly encourage you to give Danny a call the next time you are planning communion, studying the passover, or preaching through an Old Testament book).

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