Road Trip: Northwest Arkansas

Scott AtteberyChurch Visits

Bryce and I headed to northwest Arkansas to enjoy our favorite football team over the weekend. While the game wasn’t that enjoyable, the weekend together was great. To cap it all off, we decided to visit Grace Hills Church in Rogers, Arkansas.

Grace Hills is led by my friend, Brandon Cox. Brandon’s humble spirit, visionary leadership, and clear communication skills are a blessing to the congregation as well as the community.

This congregation welcomes everyone. Meeting in a movie theater, they have friendly folks all over the lobby and at the doors helping welcome and direct guests. During the worship service, great care was given to help newcomers participate without feeling ignored or isolated. In particular, the message was clearly shared in a way that the most mature christian as well as the one yet to trust Christ could both see the impact of the cross on their life. Ministering and communicating in such a way requires great intention and thought. Grace Hills has accomplished such a ministry. In fact, meeting together, it felt as though there was no division between the mature/immature, wealthy/poor, educated/uneducated, etc. We were all worshipping Christ together as those who stand in awe of the Savior we all desperately adore.

If you are in the Northwest Arkansas area and do not have a church home, I highly recommend visiting Grace Hills Church.

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