I have had a wonderful experience visiting the people of Landmark Baptist Church in Cushing, Texas recently. Pastor David Snelson was gracious to invite me to preach a series of revival services for their congregation.

During my time at the church, I discovered some wonderful people with amazing ministries.

One of the senior men spends countless hours visiting and serving. A “QuiltBox” ministry gathers women to sew quilts and give the proceeds of their sales to church ministries. The church’s food pantry feeds local residents in need. And the AWANA program reaches countless youth who would otherwise never enter a church to hear the gospel.

The congregation was so generous. They offered me warm hospitality. But the most special gift of all was something they provided for my son. Bryce was not able to travel with me because of school. So the people of Landmark bought a children’s Bible for him and everyone in the congregation signed it. They explained that it is in appreciation for Bryce letting them borrow his daddy for a few days. How sweet it is to experience the family of God reaching out to one another!

Pastor Snelson is doing a wonderful job of leading Landmark. I enjoyed my time with this blessed congregation and look forward to spending time with them in the future.