Navigate: Understanding and Pursuing God’s Will


Have you ever struggled with the issue of God’s will?

God is not trying to confuse you or frustrate you. In this book, author Scott Attebery helps demystify the concept in order to help the reader understand and follow God’s will.


Here’s what others are saying about Navigate:

If you have ever attempted to make a decision based upon God’s will, you need to read this outstanding book! Scott Attebery has done a masterful job in helping everyone of us learn how to navigate God’s will. Firmly grounded in Scripture and written in a style that everyone can understand, Navigate explores one of the most important subjects that has so often perplexed people from the early church until now. I highly commend this book to any Christian who is serious about applying God’s will to the myriad of options confronting us every day.Kevin Ford, Author of The Leadership Triangle and Transforming Church

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The subject of God’s will, in one sense, is inexhaustibly complex. Yet, it’s so simple that God expects every believer to be able to discover and follow it. Navigate is a concise but rather complete explanation of the biblical idea of knowing and doing the will of God. It’s the kind of book you should put in the hands of every believer struggling with the question, “what exactly is God’s will?Brandon Cox, Lead Pastor of Grace Hills Church in Northwest Arkansas, Editor of and author of Rewired

For younger believers looking to enter the onramp of hearing or knowing God’s will, Navigate provides a great place to start. With clarity on core principles and easy to understand practices, Navigate helps anyone with a sincere desire to follow God.Rex Miller, Author of The Millennium Matrix