The Missing Details in Crime Dramas

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I love to watch crime dramas on television. However, there are a few details that always puzzle me. For instance, when cops interrogate a suspect, they will often say, “Give us the address where we can find John Doe and we’ll pretend like this never happened.” I’m always amazed how criminals can recite the exact addresses of all their constituents … Read More

God’s Purpose for Your Struggle With Sin

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Struggling with indwelling sin? Feel like it is dragging you down? Consider the fact that God may have a purpose for your struggles. Here’s an example from Joshua. We are familiar with Joshua’s conquests in the promised land. God had given Israel the land to inhabit. Additionally, God called them to drive out groups of people occupying the land at … Read More

The Waffle House Spin

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I love Waffle House. This morning, I sat at the counter and enjoyed scrambled eggs and coffee. As I was eating and listening to interesting conversations around me, I glanced up and noticed a sign that said, “T-Bone Steaks: World’s Leading Server.” No doubt, someone in Waffle House’s marketing department stumbled upon this little-known fact and decided to broadcast it to the … Read More

Rewards of Repetition

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Bryce has been playing in a fall baseball league recently. Initially he was having trouble hitting the ball, so I scheduled a few batting lessons with a local coach. During each lesson, the coach would explain ways I could practice with Bryce each day between lessons. Almost every day after school, Bryce and have been getting out in the yard … Read More

A Stitch of Sobriety

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It was a typical morning. After breakfast, I got ready for work and headed to the office. I poured my coffee, settled into my chair, and began checking email. The third message in my inbox was from Amazon. The subject line read: Your Order Has Shipped. I didn’t remember ordering anything from Amazon recently. So I clicked on the email … Read More

Road Trip: Bald Knob, Arkansas

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Recently, I was honored to visit Worden Baptist Church in Bald Knob, Arkansas. Bro. Paul Bearfield has a vision for the church to reach the community around them through small groups –and it’s working. During my visit, I witnessed something uncommon for rural churches in the south. The congregation was incredibly diverse. They are multi-cultural, multi-generational, and multi-ethnic. Those are … Read More

It’s Time To Change The Conversation

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You can learn a lot about a person by their conversation. Listen long enough and you will discover what they value most. The same could be said about churches. In the recent past, such issues as music style, facility design and sermon length have dominated discussions and debate. While all of those topics have their place, if we treat them … Read More


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I love Styrofoam (sorry ‘green’ friends). Styrofoam was invented in 1941, and the world has never been the same. I love to order a 44oz drink in a Styrofoam cup first thing in the morning. I refill the cup all day long and carry it everywhere I go. When it comes to taking coffee on-the-go, Styrofoam is the standard: durable, … Read More

Batting Practice and Spiritual Growth

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Bryce took a batting lesson last week. I listened carefully so that I could work with him in the days following. The coach was very clear in his instruction and patient in his approach. I knew that one lesson wouldn’t suddenly turn my seven-year-old into a major league slugger. Everyone knows that even the most talented athlete has to practice … Read More